Stephen's Green ...

“Stephen’s Green” was written by Pauly about how day-to-day life can change when you least expect it. The Christmas bells at the beginning of the song take you to that time of year when most people are happy and look forward to a new year. A love song at heart, the rich melody takes the listener from the lonely feeling a lot of people have at Christmastime to an uplifting moment when you aren’t expecting to fall in love.

We hope you enjoy it.

Can I Rest

This video was recorded live in Boyle's of Slane at
the Purple Sessions.

Playing with Pauly is Zeto Feijão Mackenzie. 

This song will be included in Pauly's upcoming album.

Freight Train

Freight Train was written by Pauly Fagan about the normal stresses of life that you wish you could pack up and send off leaving you without your troubles and strife. The video was directed by David Merriman; DMI Videos. 

With a slight reggae feel, the song captures a moment of frustration that many of us have had from time to time - a big load to carry.

Hold Me Down