Pauly Fagan

Pauly will tell you how blessed he feels to have worked with some very talented people with a big smile on his face. He plays several instruments from the guitar, piano, and trumpet and loves jamming with other musicians.

He was born and raised in Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland, on the 7th of April 1985. A talented singer and songwriter, he grew up with music in his blood. Pauly was greatly influenced by his parent’s love for music and was introduced to it from an early age. Pauly and all of his brothers were trained to play at least one instrument and also how to read music. His unique voice and unbelievable harmonies amaze people wherever he goes. His writing ability surprises many as he writes song after song often inspired by love; won, lost and observed. 

He is a keen supporter of charities and loves to roll up his sleeves for a good cause. He is recording in the studio now as well as writing new music. His live performances are incredible. 

He is a happy new Daddy and appreciates all the support he receives. 

Pauly is also the host of the "O" Sessions which promotes Irish musicians and their original music.

Zeto Feijão Mackenzie

Madly talented and full of surprises audiences first warm to his engaging smile; then WHAM – you hear him play… and then another instrument appears, then another and another. When he pulls out the bagpipes people nearly fall off their chairs - Incredible!

The energy when Pauly and Zeto play together is contagious. Even when they rehearse with no audience you can feel the joy they have playing together. 

Born and raised in Almada, Portugal with Scottish ancestors, he is a true artist. Growing up he had many influences beginning with his Mother’s singing. He is a spiritual man and the drums, flutes, and stringed instruments he plays are an extension of his soul. He was born deaf in one ear due to a car accident his parents had one week before he was born. This makes him all the more amazing as a musician.

Beyond music he is an actor with many credits to his name including the hugely popular television series The Vikings filmed in Ireland.

Dorian Bordalo

Born in Mozambique to a South African mother and Portuguese father, Dorian was greatly influenced by their love of music. Big bands, old movies, African, American, Italian they loved music and Dorian’s wide appreciation of all music goes back to his roots and grew from there. From a very young age music was central to his life. Starting with piano lessons at 12 to his first bass at 18 that his father helped him buy to ensure he had a good one to play, Dorian’s musicality is broad. He will tell you that he learned to play the guitar by necessity – “You can’t play bass by the fire”. After his father died, he moved with his mother to South Africa where rhythm and percussion seeped into his soul and the deep culture wrapped his spirit in music. After the death of his mother he came to Ireland via Portugal and settled. Never far from his traditional roots he took up the drums and studied Brazilian and Cuban percussion in Manchester. He plays in a Samba band, a 3 piece called Funkytown a.k.a. Twerkshop as well as playing in a 6 piece Bob Marley tribute Reggae band Jameire where he sings and plays lead guitar. He loves playing in Pauly’s band and it shows by the great music they create together with Zeto. He has 2 daughters and lives in Navan.