Can I Rest

Can I Rest - Pauly Fagan

There is nothing more Irish than a rainy day, a low whistle and a Connemara pony.

Like the pony, Pauly has felt the restlessness of lockdown, the frustration of time lost waiting, the longing to hug his parents and enjoy performing in front of a live audience. The struggles we have faced in the past year have brought us together in the loneliest of ways. Observing guidelines and lockdowns has been challenging. Being separated from loved ones and life's normal routines has put so much pressure on everyone.

Now more than ever, I am thankful for the music and the great musicians that have influenced my own music. Please enjoy my new single - Can I Rest. This time of self-distancing and isolation has given me time to reflect. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the influences in my life. My family, my friends, my country. I am proud to be Irish.” - Pauly

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