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many people in the music industry suffer from depression...”

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Saving Grace Press Kit

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Stephen's Green Press Kit

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Freight Train

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Freight Train was written about the normal day-to-day stresses of life that you wish you could pack up and send off leaving you without your troubles and strife. The video was directed by David Merriman; DMI Videos.

With a slight reggae feel, the song captures a moment of frustration that many of us have had from time to time - a big load to carry.

 “When I wrote the song everything was bloody hard work… even getting to rehearsals. I was stuck waiting for a train to pass and thought wouldn’t it be nice to pack up all my troubles and send them away on this freight train”, said Pauly. “the song  just came to me.”

Background to "Hold Me Down"

Pauly wrote this song in late 2014. It was on a break from a writing session when he heard the news on the radio about a woman who had been beaten to death by her husband. It shocked him.

He sat down and wrote the song wondering why women don’t leave abusive relationships.  Why do they stay?  How can they be treated so badly by someone they love?  Do they think things will change?

Pauly is one of six sons whose childhood revolved around family and music. He often talks about the love he and his brothers have for his mother and the deep respect for women they were taught from their father. It moved him deeply to think that a wife and mother could be at the mercy of her husband’s abuse. 

After he wrote the song, he went to visit his parents and played the song for them. They were moved by the song but also worried that playing it in public might be too much for people to listen to. Pauly was adamant that the song should be on the album despite the subject matter.

He had spent a few years in Canada recording and playing his music. When this very sad story was just another bit of the news he thought that this problem; while not exclusive to a country was so bad in Ireland?

While recording the album in 2015, he played a few gigs and described to the audience why he wrote the song. The audience listened to the song quietly and talked after the session about someone they knew or a story they heard. He knew we had to do more.

He asked me, his manager, how could this song be used to not only highlight the problem but also raise money to help. We approached Women’s Aid Ireland. We hope money and awareness can be raised to help bring attention and much needed funding to a very worthy cause.

Hold Me Down - Women's Aid Press Kit

To read the full article click on the image.

To read the full article click on the image.

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The "O" Sessions Media Kit

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