Stephen's Green was written around Christmas. The new version adds the sounds of the season in a subtle way - reminding the listener of that time of year, as Pauly intended it to be.


Stephen’s Green

Didn't think that I could,
Didn't think that I would, fall like this....

Strolling through my life,
Thinking if I’m right,
Each day becomes the same,
And I try to change my lanes,
Try to change my ways,
The least expecting time I was sipping on my wine,

Wondering if I`ll still be,
Here this time I feel it every year,
And I say I’m doing fine,
Say that I’m doing just fine,
The least expecting time,
I was sipping on my wine.....

Well I thought that I was dreaming,
When she smiled and said good evening,
I was thinking is it me she`s teasing
But we sat and talked all evening,
I tried to understand it,
How this beautiful girl had landed,
in front of me oh I`d never seen anybody quite like her......

We walked through Stephen`s Green,
And it must have been after three,
She put out her hand and asked me to dance,
And laughed as I said would you give me a chance,
I thought that I was dreaming,
She smiled and said I’m never leaving,
Didn’t think that I could, didn’t think that I would.